Empowerment Track

Through the identification of individual needs, placement is focused on realistic requirements and necessities vs. governmental categorization of a particular demographic group. Resulting in progressive movement from poverty to Independent Living... changing generational cycles of poverty.

Our Empowerment Track includes 7 tracks of focus:

1. Credit/Banking/Financial Planning/ Money Management

2. Education

3. Career


5. Changing the Poverty Mindset/Generational & Impact Poverty

6. Child Development/ Education/ Childcare

7. Homeownership

We also assist, and provide referrals in the following areas: Early Childhood Reading,  Interviewing Skills, Ability to Function Electronically, Block Calendar Scheduling/Agenda, Environment Mindfulness, Social Skills, Parenting Skills, Couponing/Ways to Save, Meal Planning/Healthy Eating, Housekeeping, Organization, etc. 

AlongSide U

Making Poverty Temporary...NOT a Lifestyle

Our primary purpose is to come AlongSide families currently living in subsidized housing, utilizing our "Empowerment Track". We developed our Empowerment Track with a seven track series... it is our method of guiding our clients, and measuring productivity and growth.


Imagine... a house with the entry door open, full of people that reside there. There is a line of people out front on a waiting list of 2+ years to enter, and the exit door is closed. There are people that are in low income/subsidized housing that stay there for years. Most of them work jobs making minimum wage, or just above it, receive government assistance, and they stay stagnant in the area of poverty for years... or for life. This results in a waiting list that is clogged. 


Reimagine... creating space and opportunity for others that are homeless, or in need of temporary low income housing assistance to start their journey. 

Housing Poverty with a Plan= Independent Living

AlongSide U recognizes the strength and value of Community, Small Businesses, and Nonprofit Organizations. We are building stronger families through collective efforts and partnerships.